ANTI-CORPOS European Tour 2015 (update 03/07)

Emancypunx Records & Refuse Bookings Presents: ANTI-CORPOS (São Paulo, Brazil / Emancypunx Records) EUROPEAN TOUR 2015
Period: 10.07.-2.08.
LESBIAN FEMINIST HARDCORE. Second European tour. Their music, message and attitude is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the annihilation of bigotry, inequality, machismo and homophobia. Fast angry HC/Punk influenced by the local girl-punk, feminist and hardcore scene and bands like KAOS KLITORIANO, BULIMIA, DOMINATRIX and INFECT. New 7″ is coming out soon on Emancypunx Records
10.07. Poland, Gdynia, DIY Hardcore Punk Fest w/ Massgrav (S), Swordwielder (S), Meinhof (UK), Vexx (US), Schizma, The Dead Goats, Dishell
11.07. Germany, Berlin @ Bei Ruth w/ Stereotypia (SF), Mustelmia (SF), Lithalsa
12.07. Germany, Flensburg @ Senf Fabrik
13.07. Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang
14.07. Germany, Mainz
15.07. UK, Sheffield w/ Dregs
16.07. UK, Nottingham @ JT Soar w/ Dregs
17.07. UK. London w/ Dregs
18.07. Belgium, Mosh Potatoes Fest, Gent w/ Beyond Pink (S), xIronx (S), Håll Det Äkta (S), Cocaine Piss (B)
19.07. France, Nantes @ La Rumeur w/ Santa Cruz, Saintes
20.07. France, Bordeaux @ Les runes
21.07. Spain, Zarautz @ Putzuzulo Gaztetxea w / Genderlexx
22.07. Spain, Barcelona @ CSA LA RAMPA w/ Boom (FR), Ansia (barcelona)
23.07. France, Marseille @ La Sale Gueule w / The Butcher Project
24.07. Switzerland, Bern, Summerfest @ Wagenplatz Bethlehem w/ Pest Control
25.07. Austria, Innsbruck @ Cafe DeCentral w/ Bicycle Terror
26.07. Czech Republic, Fluff Fest, Rokycany w/ Conflict (UK), MDC (US), 7 Seconds (US), Trial (US), Endpoint (US), By The Grace Of God (US), Dropdead (US), No Turning Back (NL) , Anchor (S) Give (US), Cloud Rat (US), xIronx (S), Mind Trap (D) + more
27.07. Day Off
28.07. Germany, Munich @ Cafe Kult
29.07. Germany, Kassel, Warm Up Ladyfest Party
30.07. Germany, Koln @ AZ Koln
31.07. Germany, Frankfurt/Main @ bwp-borsickalle
1.08. Germany, Leipzig @ Zxrx w/ La Linea Negra
2.08. Germany, Berlin @ K19 w/ Mülltüte, Erring Soda

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