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All Anti-Corpos Music Videos were directed by Brunella Martina. She is also part of the anti-corpos history and played the second guitar in the the first album “Meninas pra Frente“. The live concert videos were done by different people please check the YouTube link for more details.

Not only Feminist Music Videos

Although we consider ourselves a feminist band (queer feminist) not all our videos are about feminism. Most of them talk about feminist topics like abortion, violence, heteronormativity, lesbophobia among others but some of them also relate to our values, like the struggle against capitalism, anti-racist allyship among others.

When Anti-Corpos started in 2002 being a feminist was still a taboo. Back then being a feminist meant only “hating men”! Somehow it still does but now we have more access to information, feminism is now mainstream and having a feminist music video is a trend. Now even pop queen divas are considered feminist music artists. Well, they are! After all women questioning their roles in society is important for having real changes. This does not mean that all feminism is the same. Some new feminist music might address this issue in a superficial or even liberal way. Some feminists are even transphobic!!!!! It seems hard to believe but it is a fact.

Anti-Corpos identifies as queer feminist which means that we are feminist but we believe that there are more than 2 genders, that genders are fluid and people should feel free and be respected no matter which gender they identify themselves with. Besides that we believe that feminism is also a struggle against many other oppression and do not accept attitudes that are racist, xenophobic, classist, ableist, ageist and others. In our concerts we try to create a safer space in which people can have fun, dance and not be harassed or even hurt (violent pogo is not ok).